Ensembles and camps:

  • Alberta College Orchestra: An orchestra playing opportunity on Thursdays for students RCM levels 4+. A great way to experience making music with others!
  • Music Enrichment (Orchestra) Program: An orchestra program, highly recommended for all string students (beginner to advanced) aged about 9 and up. Weekly rehearsals on Thursdays, and many performance opportunities in concerts and competitions.
  • Stringspiration: great summer camp for string students aged 9+ at Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Camp Calvin: Fiddle camp for all levels and ages. Instruction in fiddling, folk piano and guitar. For those interested in some fiddling fun!
  • Cantilon Choirs: Highly recommended for all young students age 4+ to join! They teach music using a similar (Kodaly-based) method to me, so would compliment their instrumental lessons really well.
  • Choir Alberta: you can search for other children's choirs to join on this organisation's website


  • Colourstrings books: If I am using the Colourstrings/Colour Keys method with your child, you can order books from the publisher's website.
  • Colourstrings books: another website from which you can order books, based out of the UK. Sometimes it's cheaper to order from here than from the publisher's site above

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